Mistress Crystal. A name that you could think of cuteness of the beholder. She is an adorable living doll. She would make you crazy to kiss her on every inch of her body. But she do not want anyone to play on her. But with the backward way, She loves to play on her submissives like they are action figures. She would laughs in her happiness when she make her submissives do the poses on her commands and they could not resist. She loves to dress her submissives with cute outfit to make they look pretty. And then brutalize them at last.

In each of her sessions you could face the different experiences. Because she is the Queen of role-play. In her doll room, she could be anything. A strictly teacher, A mean nurse, A kind-hearted nun or even a police officer that you have no any right to oppose to her.The reward that you would get from the role-play is her happy laughter that could make you happy as well. Also her favorite style is ultimately as same as Japanese professional sadistic mistress. The shibari is what her love the most. Under her control, you could be driven into craziness. Her emotions would make you fly without saying anything. Make you satisfied and tormented like you never experience them before. Along with her cuteness, she also have harsh and brutal side. If any submissive do not satisfy her, she would kick her submissives’ testicles with her high heel boots. Even electrocute their body that would include their genital. Would you like to get her nice shot ?

- Corporal Punishment:
- Spanking, Whipping, Flogging, Paddling and Caning
- Bondage (light-tight)
- Chain Bondage
- Slave Training
- Verbal Humiliation
- Tie & Tease / Orgasm Control
- Nipple Torture
- (soft – heavy)
- Electric Treatment
- Face Sitting / Forced Smothering / Breath Control
- Foot & Boot & Heel Worship
- Body Worship
- Face Slapping
- CBT / Ball Busting
- Kicking
- Trampling
- Wax Play
- Spitting
- Golden Shower
- Dog Training
- Nurse Session / Medical Enemas
- Needle Play
- Public Humiliation
- Cross Dressing
- Strap-on, Dildo Training
- Mummification
- Role Play: Kidnapping, Police & Prisoner, Teacher & Student, Boss & Secretary

Slaves are advance to book session minimum 4 hours prior, with booking advance. Booking advance will not be refunded if you cancel the session.