Communication is most important for us to understand you and vice versa. Feel free to contact us. Always remember to be descriptive about your fantasies, length of session required, any specific mistress you are interested in, anything e and what you are expecting from us. This will help to know you better and to design the perfect domination package that can satisfy all your dark and wild fantasies.

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or 

We always try to reply at the earliest. If you are not getting a reply even after maximum3 days, then we most likely do not receive your mail. We do not entertain long trail mails, as we know a real person who wants to satisfy his fantasy will not stick around trail mail. So be precise in your email.

How to Reach us in Bangkok

Once your session is been confirmed, we will schedule a pick-up time and pick-up spot for you. So arrive on the spot and time and you will be picked up from there. If you need to talk to us we will call you just for confirmation.

Hope to see you soon at House Of Dominance