Mistress AMI, the epitome of Thai - Japanese beauty. Her smile is a secret part of the mistress that vary on the torture of slave, more torture more smiles. That will be a reason for their life. On the other hand, Mistress AMI will teach the art of submissiveness and let them take an unforgettable lesson from their pain and their tears. Learn to respect your mistress and you will get a happier life. Down on your knees, this’s a time to surrender yourself under her feet

Mistress AMI might teas and denial on slave, tempting on them, or use their body as her toys. Using bondage mittens and full-body sensory deprivation suits together also a good idea to remove slave’s sensory during sensory deprivation.

Mistress AMI favorite’s activities include:

- Impact play
including Spanking, Whipping, Caning, Flogging, Biting, slapping and another. The objective of impact play is to give the pain to the muscle by impact. This is the main expertise of mistress AMI. When a slave require a hard caning, she will broke all cane in dungeon on your butt, no dercy for your pain and your scream. If you are concerned that mistress AMI may get arm aches during the punishment. Don’t worry, mistress AMI can use both hands to punish an unscrupulous slave.

- sensory Deprivation
also called sensation play, involves depriving a person,usually a submissive,of one or more of their senses,such as sight and hearing. This not only helps make them feel more helpless, but it also makes their other senses, like touch, more sensitive to stimuli.

- water torture
also called waterboarding, simulated drowning, interrupted drowning, and controlled drowning, Waterboarding produces extreme physical suffering and an uncontrollable feeling of panic and terror, usually within seconds.

-temperature play
including Wax play , Fire play, Ice Water play and another. The objective of temperature play is using the elements of heat and cold to heighten the senses

- Electric play
- sissification, Cross Dressing
- Mummification
- pet play
- body Worship
- Tie & Tease / Orgasm Control
- Edging, teasing and denial
- CBT (cock ball torture)
- Breath Control
- Face Sitting
- Medical play
- bondage
- Spitting
- gold shower, brow shower
- fisting
- belly punch
- trampling
- anal play
- strap on /Dildo Training
- pegging
- blade play